Development and contributing

To do development work for Simple JWT, make your own fork on Github, clone it locally, make and activate a virtualenv for it, then from within the project directory:

pip install --upgrade pip setuptools
pip install -e .[dev]

If you’re running a Mac and/or with zsh, you need to escape the brackets:

pip install -e .\[dev\]

To run the tests:


To run the tests in all supported environments with tox, first install pyenv. Next, install the relevant Python minor versions and create a .python-version file in the project directory:

pyenv install 3.9.x
pyenv install 3.8.x
cat > .python-version <<EOF

Above, the x in each case should be replaced with the latest corresponding patch version. The .python-version file will tell pyenv and tox that you’re testing against multiple versions of Python. Next, run tox: